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National Seminar on “Current Status of Climate Change and Role of Higher Education Institutions in Adaptation Practices in Cambodia”

22-Aug-2019 08:59:00

On 22nd August, 2019, Center for Agricultural and Environmental Studies (CAES) of the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Cambodia, organized the national seminar on “Current Status of Climate Change and Role of Higher Education Institutions in Adaptation Practices in Cambodia”, together with the lunching ceremony of the Climate Change Unit (CCU) in RUA.  The national seminar is a part of the REACT project (, which is funded under ERASMUS+ KA2-CBHE. The objectives of the seminar are: 1) to present key findings of current situation of CC in Cambodia; 2) to discuss the roles of HEIs in promoting education, research, and innovation in CC adaptations; and 3) to launch the Climate Change Unit of RUA.

The seminar was participated by RUA’s academic staffs, lecturers, researchers, government officials from relevant ministries, higher education institutions, NGOs, private sectors who are currently working on climate change and related issues, and students from relevant faculties of the host university.

The seminar was chaired by H.E Prof. Dr. NGO Bunthan, Rector of RUA. At the welcome remarks, he gave his appreciation to all participants who joint the seminar and also addressed very useful messages during the seminar to exchange the key findings of the climate change. Additionally, Mr. Kim Soben, REACT project coordinator provided an overview of the progress up to date of the REACT’s achievements and main outputs together with the establishment of the Climate Change Unit. Finally, the Unit was launched where participants actively joint. The Unit will serve as an important source provider for lecturers, researcher, students, and relevant stakeholders could assess for assistance in the field of climate change in Cambodia.