About Center for Agri-Water Studies

Center for Agri-water Studies (CAS) has been established along with the implementation of the project on Climate Change and Water Governance in Cambodia in which Royal University of Agriculture has taken part in collaboration with the Cambodia Development Resource  Institute (CDRI),the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM), Ministry of Environment (MOE), Tonle Sap Authority (TSA), Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), and Mekong Programme on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER). The Center is established to continue the activities of the project even  after the project completion. The Center is also a place for researchers interested in water to exchange research their ideas and collaborate in research.  


 The vision of CAS is to be a leading Center to conduct research related to water use in agriculture in Cambodia.  


The missions of the Center are to conduct research related to water use in agriculture and extension of the research findings to stakeholders and society.  

Research Themes

  • Water management for agriculture such as on-farm irrigation, water saving technologies, impact of agriculture on water quality
  • Management of waste water from food processing
  • Governance of Farmer Water User Community (FWUC)