About FRDC

FRDC aims to contribute to the development of food processing in Cambodia by promoting high quality and safety products to meet national and international market demands.  


To develop agro-processing technologies and managements to produce high quality and safety foods;  To develop human capacities through providing research based and practical education in RUA and technical services to the societies.  


To clarify the issues and solutions in food productions, to develop production technologies and managements, and to find out the nutritional values of food; To strengthen the quality research activities and publications, To contribute to the development of practical education systems and methods related to mission of the Center in RUA in BSc., MSc., and PhD courses; To contribute to the technical improvements of food productions  by farmers and entreprneurs; To promote high quality and safety food productions to meet the market demands in national and international markets;  To generate fund for sustainable activities of FRDC; To establish the networks and collaboration with other governmental organizations, international cooperation agencies, NGOs and private companies. 

On-going projects

Project on Safety Improvement of Agricultural and Processed Food Products in Cambodia funded by JICA (2015-2019)