Formerly, there were faculty of Animal Health and Production, later on became Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. Since end of 2012, it became into two faculties separately. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine provides education on the fields of veterinary medicine to improve the methods used to control and prevent animal diseases in the country by produce graduates with the personal, professional and scientific skills to excel in the veterinary science. Faculty offers a four-year program for students become a veterinary  para-professional (Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science) and six-year program is known as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

The faculty of Veterinary Medicine receives project support from (1) OIE, (2) HEQCIP/ MOEYS-Word bank, (3) ADB-SPS, Trade Facilitation Project, (4) DTRA-CBEP, and (5) Technical support from many schools of veterinary medicines in the region and related institutions. The faculty becomes a full member of South East Asian Veterinary Schools Association (SEAVSA) and Asian Association of Veterinary Schools (AAVS) since September 2013.